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Photography School in English

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Change photography which you love into business of your life!
Make your dreams come true!


  • Creative and Commercial Photography in English.
  • OnCampus, Two-Year, Full-Time DIPLOMA Program.
  • GET YOUR DIPLOMA  – Fine Art Photographer.
  • No entry exams. Number of places is limited.
  • You can  start classes online while waiting for a Polish visa and then move to the group at school.
  • SCHOLARSHIP for top student and awards for students during  education.
  • No age limit.
  • From starting day in October 95% classes in photo studios.
  • The School of Creative Photography is approved by the Polish Ministry of Culture, and is listed in the Ministry’s Art School Directory.



  • Receive an intensive education with individual attention.
  • Begin to build core photography skills and then move on to specialized classes – see students works.
  • Prepare an amazing PORTFOLIO which opens many doors – see students diplomas.
  • Release your creative potential while studying all photography techniques.
  • Learn from experienced and appreciated photographers.
  • Attend the photography studio for free in extra time.
  • Get  access to Adobe programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush, After Effects, Bridge, Dimension, Media Encoder, Camra Raw for free at School.
  • Work with professional fashion models.
  • Cooperate with our Fashion Design School and have a chance to publish in FASHION MAGAZINES.
  • Practice your photography skills during fashion shows and shootings – INTERNSHIP at School.
  • Meet international experts in various fields of art, and photography.
  • Present your photos at exhibitions in art galleries in Cracow.
  • Be informed  about job opportunities.
  • Learn about METAVERSE, NFT, 3D program – ways to generate  extra income.
  • Choose your favorite photography career and become an independent photographer.


Photo enthusiast who are apretiate low cost of living in Poland come to us from: Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Turkey, Slovakia, Ireland, France, Ethiopia, Iceland, Wales, Filipiny, Ukraina, Kazachstan, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, England, Serbia, Croatia.

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Fot. Julia Darul

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fot. Roksana Romańska

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fot. Dawid Glica

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Who is this School for?

Our program is  for aspiring photographers, looking to learn more about photography,regardless of their previous experience.
The classes will help you  to make progress in a very short time. Thaks to one to one support from lecturers who assist students in professional growth we will provide the motivation  for the begginres and for those who have already some konwledge of photography.
Our School will give you an opportunity to learn all photography techniques and to start your professional career just after graduating.
The School is also for those who want to spend at least two years studying in Cracow, the cultural capital of Poland and the city with hundreds exhibitions, events, fashion shows. Cost of living in Cracow is cheaper than in 81% of cities in the World.


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