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Students and graduates opinions about the School


Portal Art Photography about School of Creative Photography
The Krakow School of Art and Fashion Design, or KSA is the on the leading edge of the new wave in how Photography is taught. While most programs have lecture and study of Art History at their core, which KSA still does to a much smaller extent, KSA’s School of Creative Photography focuses more on learning through practice rather than through constant lecture. With darkrooms and digital studios always available to students, and free of charge at that, KSA seems to live by the motto of “Practice makes perfect.” Also contributing to this “new school” method is the connection that is fostered between the School of Creative Photography and other Arts schools, such as a program allowing photography students access to models at the Model Agency Reklamax School. Located in Krakow’s historic and bustling city center, the Krakow School of Art and Fashion Design is a display of modernity in art at its very best.

„If it weren’t for the School of Creative Photography, I probably wouldn’t be in the same place I am now. I was able to start a business and became self-employed before I was twenty-two. I have very great memories of studying at school and sometimes I miss the atmosphere, challenges and Mrs. Marzena Kolarz, who was able to get the best out of us like no one else. These four semesters at the School of Creative Photography have given me more than I could have ever imagined: they helped me believe in myself and my abilities, but also taught me to look critically; they pulled me out of my comfort zone more than once, thanks to which it turned out that many areas that I considered completely alien to me turned out to be closer to my heart than I could ever imagine. Moreover, the KSA told me what kind of photographer I wanted to be and gave me the opportunity to create a diploma that I can be proud of. I wouldn’t trade these two years for anything else. ” – Agata Weber – graduate of the School of Creative Photography

„This School will only give you as much (and as much) as you want to take from it. Teachers are like parents who support but also press, not because their passion is clinging to just to motivate us to act, to squeeze out laziness and „good, somehow it will be”. You can „sail through” this school and get nothing, and you can take advantage of knowledge and experience, you can change your whole life and open up to new ones. You can do anything. ” – Wiktoria Wilk – graduate of the School of Creative Photography

„The School of Creative Photography for 2 years provides so many wonderful memories that it is very difficult to choose something &; but I will certainly not forget the famous „night” at school – it cannot be repeated or described. Fashion classes were also very helpful in my professional development, where there were always great emotions, Mrs. Marzena knew how to motivate me to the next classes. I will remember all the teachers perfectly, because I learned very useful things from each of them and sometimes they told – especially the Head Teacher – great anecdotes that made the class feel great. I recommend the School to everyone – it cannot be described – you have to experience it! „ – Bastek Czernek – graduate of the School of Creative Photography – SKF

„This is the best school I have ever attended and I regret that it lasts only two years. I recommend it to all who want to learn not only photography but also how to perceive the world through the lens. ” – Anna Zborowska – graduate of the School of Creative Photography – SKF

„2 years at Shool was an amazing time.the School of Creative Photography is really specific in my opinion. That’s what I really liked about the school. The spirit and atmosphere. The teatchers are very helpfull and open – minded what I appreciate the most. They let you be yourself. „- Michaela Metesova (, – graduate of the School of Creative Photography

„School of Creative Photography focuses on development. 2 years well spent at the School of Creative Photography. I recommend! – Urszula Jaworska ( – graduate of the School of Creative Photography – SKF year

“This school not only teaches, the school opens the mind. It discovers and brings out the layers of creativity and ideas that a person does not expect.” – Piotr Nowaczyński – a graduate of the School of Creative Photography

“I have very positive impressions and memories of the school. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more photography and develop their skills.”– Eliza Dychaczenko – graduate of the School of Creative Photography

„I’ve learned all areas of photography. It was challenging English group. However it is a good opportunity to learn Polish in the place. School provides Polish classes included in the school price and teachers are always helpful. I highly recommend the school for its level of education also the city itself is full of art / cultural activities.”Güler Soysal

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