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Photography School reviews - KSA

  1. „I’ve  learned  all  areas  of  photography.  It was challenging English group. However it is a good opportunity to learn Polish in the place. School provides Polish classes included in the school price and teachers are always helpful. I highly recommend the school for its level of  education  also  the  city itself is full of art / cultural activities.”/Güler Soysal TURKEY
  2. 2 years in the School was an amazing time. The School is really specific in my opinion. That’s what I really liked about the school. The spirit and atmosphere. The teachers are very helpful and open – minded what I appreciate the most. They let you be yourself. . ” – Michaela Metesova  (, – graduate of  the School of Creative Photography -Slovakia
  3. If it was not for School of Creative Photography, I  would probably not be in the same place where I am now. I was able to set up a company and started to be self-employed before I was twenty-two. I loved classes at the School very much and sometimes I miss the atmosphere, challenges and Ms Marzena Kolarz who, like no one else,  was able to discover our best sides. These four semesters at the School of Creative Photography have given me more than I could have imagined: they helped me to believe in myself and my abilities, but also taught me to look critically at my work; I was often torned out of the comfort zone, thanks to which it turned out that many areas that I thought were completely foreign to me  became closer to my heart than I could have ever imagined. And the School  has showed me what kind of photographer I want to be and gave me the opportunity to create a diploma that I can be proud of. I would not exchange these two years for anything else. ” – Agata Weber – a graduate of the School of Creative Photography – SKF (translated from Polish)
  4. „Two years ago, I figured out that I need something more in life. I was professionally stable and happy with my family, but… I felt a lack of something just for me. I have found it in a place where I always wanted to go back. For many years Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design was in my head for various reasons and I was always saying that I will go back there. I did. And I am very happy about this.
    I wasn’t expecting that two years at School of Creative Photography will cost so much effort. This is not a school for those who want to linger, blink from work or just finish it. You don’t go to this school to just snap some photos. It doesn’t mean that I was hoping to do nothing, but I didn’t expect such a large scope of work. I’m not saying that’s a minus for me it was very pleasant surprise. In such a situation victory tastes better .
    The staff taking up the challenge of teaching at this school is amazing. Each of them and all together create a unique atmosphere. Everyone give something different, but in their own unique way. Their requirements are big, however I take it as an advantage. Each photographic exercise causes the opening of another chapter in head. I have open mine so much that it would be good to repeat a year. During revelatory activities a man comes to know that he doesn’t know a thing, but the knowledge is shared in such a way that you’re up to thank that you discovered it.
    The whole path through various fields of photography is also extremely valuable. Experimental, traditional, digital photography, variety of subjects. Each of these things open minds, but only to those who want to open them, without restrictions on the specific sphere of the art of photography. A man learns a lot of interesting things about himself. For example that he’s not that great in field he considered as his future work, but he turns out to be great in a field that he wouldn’t expect.
    To make it not that sweet, I admit that not everything is perfect. Nowhere is. However, when it comes about the general viewwhile leaving school, I have a feeling of great satisfaction. Satisfaction about work that teachers did to educate my art-refractory mind, about the program that school offers, and about the scope of work that I had to put into obtaining a diploma. Everything contributes to success.
    And since I’ve already mentioned the diploma I have to warn you. It is not easy to finish this school. A necessity to pass the semester while working on the diploma, creating a portfolio and preparing an exhibition – it’s craziness. However, the experience gained while implementing the school’s requirements in mentioned areasit’s priceless. Big requirements, but that’s the thing if someone wants to learn. Really learn. The satisfaction you get at the end of the road is a motivation for further work. I recommend Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design with a clear conscience, especially when it comes to search your own place on Earth, developing your talents or simply checking your strengths in the art of photography.” – Kasia Szymańska-Polek – graduate of the School of Creative Photography – SKF (translated from Polish)
  5. „I remember this torment, the fight for the studio, the emptiness in my head when a naked model appeared in front of my camera. These awful hours of postproduction
    and corrections  during credits, this boring product photography , architecture and  for me not really necessary composition classes .This School will give you just as much (and as much) as you want to take from it. Teachers are like parents supporting but also  very demanding.They expect a lot from you  because their passion is  to motivate you, to kill your laziness and ” whatever comes let it come” attitude. You can „swim” through this school and do nothing, and you can take advantage of knowledge and experience, you can change your whole life and open up for new perspectives. After  diploma you feel that you can do everything. „- Wiktoria Wilk – graduate of the School of Creative Photography – SKF (translated from Polish)
  6. „School of Creative Photography  provides for 2 years so many wonderful memories that it is very difficult to point something  most impressive, but for sure I will not forget the already famous  nights at school – it can not be repeated or described. The School has helped me a lot in my professional development  in fashion photography.  There were always great emotions at class, Ms. Marzena knew how to motivate us to do the next exercise. I will remember all teachers very well because I have learned very useful things from everybody and sometimes they told – especially the Director – super anecdotes that caused a great atmosphere at class. I recommend Cracow School of Art to everyone – you can not describe it – you have to  live it! „- Bastek Czernek – graduate of the School of Creative Photography – SKF (translated from Polish)
  7. „It’s the best college I went to, I regret that it was  only two years. I recommend the School to everybody who want to learn not only photography but also the perception of the world through the prism of the lens.” – Anna Zborowska – graduate of the School of Creative Photography – SKF (translated from Polish)
  8. „The School of Creative Photography helps you to develop your photography skills.The 2 years at the School  was a well spent time.I recommend it for studying photography.Urszula Jaworska-( – graduate of the School of Creative Photography – SKF (translated from Polish)
  9. „This school not only teaches but also  opens your mind. Discovers and brings out the layers of creativity and ideas that people do not expect.” – Piotr Nowaczyński – graduate of the School of Creative Photography – SKF (translated from Polish)
  10. „I have very positive impressions and memories related to the school. I recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about photography and develop their skills. „- Eliza Dychaczenko- graduate of the School of Creative Photography -Ukraine (translated from Polish)
  11. „The School of Creative Photography is a magic place in Cracow” – Agata Piętak –  graduate of  the School of Creative Photography – SKF (translated from Polish)
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