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KSAvery blog - ENG

KSAvery blog – ENG to angielska wersja bloga Krakowskich Szkół Artystycznych

„Fish and chips” with Aleksandra Szcząchor and bola!

Styczeń 7, 2021 |

Brilliant photo session made by Karolina Orzechowska with the projects of our graduates, Aleksandra Szcząchor and Ola Bajer / bola. Read More

„Something is nice there over the clouds” by Pat Guzik

Styczeń 5, 2021 |

The new collection by our graduate, Pat Guzik! „Something is nice there over the clouds” is something new in collaboration with fantastic artisans from Todoro.
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Piotr Popiołek – The Look Of The Year Polska

Grudzień 21, 2020 |

Our graduate, Piotr Popiołek showed his collection „TOM” during the final gala of The Look Of The Year Polska. Read More

ONLINE COURSE in English (with certificate)

Grudzień 9, 2020 |

Check what course we have for you in English! „Learn to be an image consultant” with Margaret Larmuth!

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European Environmental Bureau – EEB about Pat Guzik

Listopad 23, 2020 |

Interview with our graduate of Fashion School, Pat Guzik in European Environmental Bureau. Read More

Edyta Potrząsaj – Publication in FIENFH MAGAZINE

Listopad 5, 2020 |

Another great publication of photos taken by Edyta Potrząsaj, our graduate and lecturer of our Photography School!

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Publication in DESIGN SCENE STYLE: Magdalena Wilk-Dryło

Październik 9, 2020 |

The Magic of Fall in DESIGN SCENE STYLE with projects by Magdalena Wilk-Dryło, our graduate of Fashion School!

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ELLE CROATIA with coat designed by Anna Nowak-Curyło!

Październik 6, 2020 |

Beautiful editorial for ELLE CROATIA with project designed by SAPU graduate, Anna Nowak-Curyło.

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ONLINE Open Day in English 27th of August (Thursday)

Sierpień 19, 2020 |

Don’t miss it! ONLINE Open Day in English 27.08.2020 (Thursday). Read More

The fifth edition of Polish Talent Support – RESULTS

Lipiec 22, 2020 |

On July 10, we got to know the winners of the fifth edition of our Polish Talent Support competition. Check who we awarded this year!

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