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Meet our lecturers: Bartłomiej Jurecki – lecturer of Photography Faculty SKF

Luty 18, 2018 |

One more time we would like to inform you about the success of  Bartłomiej Jurecki – lecturer of Photography Faculty. He won the third place during the Pictures of the Year. It is the international competition dedicated to the press photographers. Read more about the success and get know better Bartłomiej Jurecki the lecturer of Photography Faculty in Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design.

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Cracow Fashion Week 2017 —guest collection by Pat Guzik

Luty 16, 2018 |

We ware waiting for this year edition of Cracow Fashion Week. Before the show we want to back to past and remind the guest collection from the last year. Check the photos of „Heaven is a place on Earth”  collection by Pat Guzik and meet our graduate and lecturer .

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Fashion illustration – exhibition during Cracow Fashion Week

Luty 13, 2018 |

Fashion illustration is not only about sketching a new design or a whole collection. It is also about drawing the fashion shows, campaigns and more. During the last edition of Cracow Fashion Week there was a possibility not only to see the fashion illustration exhibition of works by Elena Ciuprina but also to take part in meeting with her. 

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Focus on fashion — about the exhibition

Luty 8, 2018 |

It is only the one month to start the Cracow Fashion Week – unusual event which is dedicated to all people who love fashion. And fashion is this kind of discipline which can be mixed with different fields. One of this is photography. Read about the idea of Focus on fashion — exhibition which took place during the two latest edition of Cracow Fashion Week.

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Study in English in Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design

Luty 4, 2018 |

Are you dreaming about working in fashion or creative business? First step to your career is to get the necessary knowledge. When you will look for the best opportunities, convince study in English. What are the advantages of this opportunity? Read more in our article and get know better our Fashion Design and Photography School.

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Backstage from session of dr. Jerzy Gaweł — head of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design

Luty 3, 2018 |

Are you interested in photography? Check how the backstage of photo session by Jerzy Gaweł – head of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design looks like and get more knowledge about dr Jerzy Gaweł and his work in Photography School.

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Cracow Fashion Awards 2018 — first information

Styczeń 28, 2018 |

Cracow Fashion Week is the annual event dedicated to all people interested in fashion and connected with fashion business. Workshops, fashion shows and lectures take place in Cracow. Read the first information about the date of event and the main fashion show which is Cracow Fashion Awards 2018.

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Polish Talent Support – edition 2018

Styczeń 27, 2018 |

Are you the artist of Polish Origin? Nowadays you live abroad Poland? Do you want to learn drama, fashion design or photography? Polish Talent Support 2018 is a competition dedicated to people who want to show their talent to the general public. Read more about this edition.

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2017 in Fashion Design School SAPU. First part: fashion shows.

Styczeń 22, 2018 |

The last year in SAPU was the full of successes of our students and graduates. We mentioned about them in our blog. We also want to sum up and give more information about the events which were the most important. Firstly we want to focus on fashion shows in SAPU which took place last year.

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Winter workshops in Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design

Styczeń 21, 2018 |

Do you have any plans for winter holiday? Do you think about getting new skills and do something really creative? Check winter workshops in Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design. It is the best opportunity to try new things.

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