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The new issue of our magazine, TUBA is available online!

Marzec 21, 2020 |

We have waited a long time, but finally it is! The new issue of TUBA is available online. Check this website: www.ksa.edu.pl/tuba.

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Space Odyssey 2022 / Ewelina Kosmal in PAP Magazine!

Marzec 19, 2020 |

Space Odyssey 2022. Projects by Ewelina Kosmal, our graduate of Szkoła Artystycznego Projektowania Ubioru SAPU in PAP Magazine!

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Natural story with Julia & Magda from D’vision

Marzec 18, 2020 |

Great photos taken by our graduate of Photography School, Roxana Romańska in cooperation with D’vision. Read More

MOv by Magdalena Wilk-Dryło in PAP MAGAZINE

Marzec 13, 2020 |

Projects by Magdalena Wilk-Dryło, our graduate of Fashion School have been published in PAP MAGAZINE! Read More

Zuzanna Zygmunt with PIQUÉ and Plata+Radziejewski Studio

Styczeń 9, 2020 |

Our graduate, Zuzanna Zugmunt took part in a beautiful session with jewellery PIQUÉ and Plata+Radziejewski Studio.

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LOVE IS LOVE by Waleria Tokarzewska-Karaszewicz

Styczeń 3, 2020 |

LOVE IS LOVE. A new collection by Waleria Tokarzewska-Karaszewicz, very talented and popular Polish fashion designer and our graduate. Read More

Fifth edition of the competition Polish Talent Support!

Grudzień 3, 2019 |

For the fifth time Crakow School of Art and Fashion Design are the organizers of the competition Polish Talent Support!

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Editorial „Tribute to classic” in ANON Fashion Magazine!

Listopad 29, 2019 |

„Tribute to classic”, editorial by Roxana Romańska, graduate of our Photography School appeared in ANON Fashion Magazine!

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New Eco Trends with Maja Sablewska – photo report

Listopad 27, 2019 |

New Eco Trends – An extraordinary debate with Maja Sablewska, Tomasz Urynowicz and Maria Huma / Kupuj odpowiedzialnie.
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Open Day 12.09.2019

Sierpień 29, 2019 |

Open day in English 12th of September (Thursday)

Do you want to study something creative? Have you ever thought about being fashion designer or photographer? Check the learning possibilities in KSA – and join us on open day in Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design on September 12th.

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