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Photo report from the Masterclass with Roger Ballen - KSA

Photo report from the Masterclass with Roger Ballen

One of the best contemporary photographers in the world, Roger Ballen visited our School of Creative Photography. See photos from the event!

In September, our school was visited by one of the largest and most influential contemporary photographers, a visual artist – Roger Ballen. He is the author of several books, of an individual photo exhibition during the Biennale Arte 2022 in Venice, whose works are in over 50 the most important international museum collections.

Photos from the Masterclass with Roger Ballen: Ryszard Cabała


Photo: @mael_antschel


Roger Ballen’s Instagram:

Roger Ballen (born April 11, 1950) is an American artist living in Johannesburg, South Africa. He’s working in its surrounds since the 1970s. His oeuvre, which spans five decades, began with the documentary photography field. Then his creativity evolved into the creation of distinctive fictionalized realms that also integrate the mediums of film, installation, theatre, sculpture, painting and drawing. . Marginalized people, animals, found objects, wires and childlike drawings inhabit the unlocatable worlds presented in Ballen’s artworks. Ballen describes his works as existential psychodramas that touch the subconscious mind and evoke the underbelly of the human condition. They aim to break through the repressed thoughts and feelings by engaging him in themes of chaos and order, madness or unruly states of being, the human relationship to the animal world, life and death, universal archetypes of the psyche and experiences of otherness.


MASTERCLASS with Roger Ballen at our School!



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  • The School of Creative Photography is approved by the Polish Ministry of Culture, and is listed in the Ministry’s Art School Directory.



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