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„Fish and chips” with Aleksandra Szcząchor and bola!

Styczeń 7, 2021 |

Brilliant photo session made by Karolina Orzechowska with the projects of our graduates, Aleksandra Szcząchor and Ola Bajer / bola. Read More

„Something is nice there over the clouds” by Pat Guzik

Styczeń 5, 2021 |

The new collection by our graduate, Pat Guzik! „Something is nice there over the clouds” is something new in collaboration with fantastic artisans from Todoro.
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Piotr Popiołek – The Look Of The Year Polska

Grudzień 21, 2020 |

Our graduate, Piotr Popiołek showed his collection „TOM” during the final gala of The Look Of The Year Polska. Read More

LEARN TO BE AN IMAGE CONSULTANT (course with certificate)

Grudzień 9, 2020 |

Check what course we have for you in English! „Learn to be an image consultant” with Margaret Larmuth!

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European Environmental Bureau – EEB about Pat Guzik

Listopad 23, 2020 |

Interview with our graduate of Fashion School, Pat Guzik in European Environmental Bureau. Read More

Edyta Potrząsaj – Publication in FIENFH MAGAZINE

Listopad 5, 2020 |

Another great publication of photos taken by Edyta Potrząsaj, our graduate and lecturer of our Photography School!

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Publication in DESIGN SCENE STYLE: Magdalena Wilk-Dryło

Październik 9, 2020 |

The Magic of Fall in DESIGN SCENE STYLE with projects by Magdalena Wilk-Dryło, our graduate of Fashion School!

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ELLE CROATIA with coat designed by Anna Nowak-Curyło!

Październik 6, 2020 |

Beautiful editorial for ELLE CROATIA with project designed by SAPU graduate, Anna Nowak-Curyło.

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ONLINE Open Day in English 27th of August (Thursday)

Sierpień 19, 2020 |

Don’t miss it! ONLINE Open Day in English 27.08.2020 (Thursday). Read More

The fifth edition of Polish Talent Support – RESULTS

Lipiec 22, 2020 |

On July 10, we got to know the winners of the fifth edition of our Polish Talent Support competition. Check who we awarded this year!

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