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Cracow Fashion Week invites other fashion weeks to collaborate - KSA

Cracow Fashion Week invites other fashion weeks to collaborate

Cracow Fashion Week is an event aimed at promoting young artists, photographers and fashion designers, graduates of the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design (SAPU).

The SAPU Diploma, which  opens CFW 2023, is at the same time a platform for the exchange of experience of many Polish and foreign institutions, including fashion schools from different countries and organisers of other European Fashion Weeks. The event is also aimed at mutual promotion of all companies involved.

This year’s motto ‚Innovation in Design’ is a very good guiding theme for the realisation of this idea. Themes such as responsible fashion and CSR are further slogans for this year’s event, reflecting current needs and trends in fashion around the world.

Among the institutions invited to collaborate are:

  • Budapest Central European Fashion Week (Hungary)
  • Feeric Fashion Week (Romania)
  • Montenegro Fashion Week (Montenegro)
  • Lviv Fashion Week (Ukraine)
  • Contemporary Art and Fashion Festival VIRUS (Lithuania)
  • Wrocław Fashion Week
  • Nadwiślanski Fashion Week
  • Łódź Young Fashion
  • Fashion Night from Kraków

The invited universities and fashion schools are

  • Accademia Inernazionale di Moda KOEFIA (Italy)
  • Poliarte Accademia di Belle Arti e Design (Italy)
  • Donghua University of Shanghai (China)
  • Univerzitet Donja Gorica (Montenegro)
  • AGH University of Science and Technology
  • Cracow University of Economics

Representatives of the partner Fashion Weeks and universities will sit in the Board of Jury and selected designers from these countries will present their guest collections during the Cracow Fashion Awards Gala, the SAPU graduation show.




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