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25 Best Photography Schools in the World in 2022 - KSA

25 Best Photography Schools in the World in 2022

Our School of Creative Photography is among the BEST PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOLS IN THE WORLD!

Shotkit’s ranking looked at the best photography school in the world. Our school is the only one school from Poland that was included.

While there are countless learning institutes globally (not to mention online photography classes/courses), I have chosen renowned, highly acclaimed or ones that simply offer the best and most unique program.




What’s unique about KSA is that the photography course is run in limited numbers and exclusively taught in English, with an understanding of the Polish language not required.

The Diploma in Fine Art Photography is a two-year program conducted on campus in Poland or online for those unable to travel.

The School of Creative Photography focuses not on filling students with information and sending them out into the world. Instead, they’re focused on releasing creative potential through enquiry based learning.

The diploma covers a range of genres, from wedding photography to fashion.


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  • Creative and Commercial Photography in English.
  • OnCampus, Two-Year, Full-Time DIPLOMA Program.
  • GET YOUR DIPLOMA  – Fine Art Photographer – see students diplomas.
  • No entry exams. Number of places is limited.
  • No age limit.
  • From starting day in October 95% classes in photo studios – see students works.
  • SCHOLARSHIP for top student and awards for students during  education.
  • You can  start classes online while waiting for a Polish visa and then move to the group at school.
  • School of Creative Photography – one of the 25 Best Photography Schools in the World in 2022 by Shotkit ranking.
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