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Projektowanie obuwia / Shoe design


Przedmiot projektowanie obuwia daje możliwość poznania podstawowych wytycznych projektowania i konstrukcji obuwia, niezbędnych dla wykonania obuwia zgodnego a aktualnymi trendami mody z uwzględnieniem odpowiednich materiałów i technologii wykonania wykonania i jednocześnie wygodnego i spełniającego wymogi anatomicznej budowy stopy. Czytaj więcej.


Our graduates are employed by footwear manufacturer and as shoe designers they also work with fashion designers, accessory design firms, fashion companies and large retail stores. Some of them have started own labels.

Shoemaking is a subject that gives knowledge of fashion trends, materials and design to conceptualize and develop new footwear. Lectures are conducted by highly qualified professional – active shoes modeller, Mr Tadeusz Ziajka.
From conceptualization to final product, students learn how to create shoes for new or existing footwear lines. Using their extensive knowledge of industry trends, design concepts, patterns and materials, they sketch designs by hand or with the assistance of computer-aided design (CAD/CAM) software. Once the designs are complete, a prototype is created, refined and used to make samples for industry shows.

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