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International School of Fashion Design in English

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  • Fashion and Jewellery Design in English
  • During our Two-And-Half-Year, Full-Time DIPLOMA Program you will receive an intensive education with individual attention.
  • The graduates receive a DIPLOMA with the title – FASHION DESIGNER. There are no entry exams. Number of places is limited.
  • All students present their projects free of charge at four semester shows in iconic locations in Cracow.
    The best  diploma collections are presented at an exclusive graduation show in the ICE Krakow Congress Centre during the Cracow Fashion Week – see graduation collections.
  • See the school’s program.
  • See the classrooms where the classes are held.
  • One to one support from lecturers is the way to assist students in professional growth.
  • With a start day in October you’ll begin to build core fashion designer skills and then move on to specialized classes.
  • Classes are held in the school building. You can also start classes online if you are waiting for a Polish visa and without any cost move to the group at school. LIVE ONLINE LEARNING SYSTEM – join online classes in real time.
  • 95% classes in professional sewing, jewelry, painting studios and computer lab.
    We live by the motto of “Creativity skills can be learned.”
  • During five semesters of study at International School of Fashion Design in English, you can prepare an outstanding portfolio of artwork, paintings, design, and photos which will open many doors and career opportunities.
  • Release your creative potential while studying all areas of art and fashion design.
  • Learn from experienced and appreciated fashion designers.
  • Attend the sewing studio for free in extra time.
  • Study graphic programs.
  • Work with fashion models from the Agency cooperating with the School.
  • Cooperate with students from other our faculties: photography, acting, choreography, interior design.
  • School is organising a prestigious diploma show – Cracow Fashion Awards, which opens Cracow Fashion Week and attracts major media representatives and fashion celebrities from Poland and Europe.
  • Meet international experts in various fields of art and fashion design.
  • Choose your favorite fashion career and become an independent fashion designer.
  • Our staff, all specialists in different areas of art and design, provide a program of study that enables a student to release his full potential.
  • Spend at least two years living and studying in the city of Cracow, the cultural capital of Poland.
  • SAPU has elements of environmental education and promotion of sustainable development in its curriculum since 1994. We have been organizing shows of collections made of recycled materials in the spirit of NO WASTE and sustainable fashion since the beginning of the school.
  • Cost of living in Cracow is cheaper than in 81% of cities in the World
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Education at our school entitles you to apply  for Polish visa.

Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design is opened also for Polish students, who want to  improve their language skills.

The number of places is limited. There are no entrance exams. Classes are held in English.

Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design (SAPU) is the main organizer of Cracow Fashion Week.

Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design ( Poland, Europe) offers a two-and-half-year full time program for international students. The large rooms allow to stick to Covid-19 regulations. For students who can not travel to Poland we have prepared Online Fashion Diploma programe – click here.
Our staff, all specialists within different areas of art and design, provide a program of study that enables a student release his full potential. After over 30 years of experience the school has achieved a high standard and an excellent reputation. We have been able to place many students in Polish fashion companies, ranging from cutting-edge boutiques to the largest industry enterprises listed on the Polish Stock Exchange. Some students have also found employment with international companies operating in a diverse range of countries.

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