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Program International School of Fashion Design in English

The 2.5 year full-time program introduces students to the essential skills of fashion and textile design from sketch pad to catwalk. It includes design, textiles, fashion illustration, garment construction and garment styling.

The graduates receive diploma – Fashion Designer.


Throughout the first semester students are introduced to the basic skills necessary to develop their creativity. There are separate workshops for fashion design, fashion illustration, jewelry design,  composition, creative techniques , history of art and fashion, conceptual design ,fashion styling,sewing and pattern making.
People interested in learning Polish can attend Polish class.
At the end of  the first semester  Students  present their work at a fashion show which is held during Cracow Fashion Week.
Except for the regular classes students can take part for free in the open sewing workshop run by a person with experience in preparing patterns for many international companies including Balenciaga.

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The second semester provides students with the opportunity for further development of their skills in fashion design.
The classes are the same as in the first semester and the following  workshops are introduced: haute couture, no waste,  painting ,  drawing, collection concept,computer design.  Different color techniques, modes of expression and numerous presentation methods are offered to the students. Except for the regular classes students can take part for free in the open sewing workshop.
Again  students  present  their work  on a catwalk at the end of  the semester.

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The second year employs the basic skills already learned to develop a personal style through design research and through study many different fashion products. Students practice sketching men, women and children, and they research fashion trends, fabric choices, colour cards, and current season’s publicity material. In this year we emphasize definition, development and creation of collection. New workshops are introduced, i.e accessories including millinery, fabric design, fashion photography. Except for the regular classes students can take part for free in the open sewing workshop .
Again, at the end of this semester, students’ works are presented at a fashion show which is held during Cracow Fashion Week.

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The fifth and final semester concludes with an opportunity to design and manufacture a diploma collection. New workshops: visual identification and sales techniques. The best collections are presented at the final fashion show during Cracow Fashion Week in late March, which is the highlight of the school’s academic year. There is no shoes design classes.

artur ryba

Artur Ryba – Collection of the Year 2022

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