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Lectures Fashion School in English

Ba(Hons) Patrycja Chojnacka, MA, Fashion Designer

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Lecturer in Fashion Design, and Fashion Perception at the International School of Fashion Design. In teaching fashion, she emphasizes themes of diversity, inclusion, and racial equality in education. She graduated in fashion design from Cambridge School of Art – Anglia Ruskin University. She holds a Master’s from St. Mary’s University in London. In addition, she took part in:

  • Masterclass: creative writing with James Patterson
  • Masterclass: leadership and sustainability with Anna Wintour – editor-in-chief of Vogue
  • Masterclass with Bob Iger

Anna Niemczyk, MA,  Fashion Designer

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Lecturer in Fashion Design,  Textile Design,  and Fashion illustration at the International School of Fashion Design. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, graduated with honors from the Department of Visual Education and Fashion Design. Clothing designer at „PABIA” and „Mode Bruckmann”, she collaborated on an exclusive line of coats for Pierre Cardin. She also designs high-tech garments from unconventional fabrics. She cooperates with event companies in creating the image of various brands, including TYMBARK, RAIFFEISEN BANK, Warsaw Chopin Airport, POLKOMTEL, NESTLE, MAZDA, MERCEDES, PROCTER&GAMBLE, KNORR, LA FESTA.

Marta Dubanowicz, MA,  Fashion Designer

Marta Dubanowicz

Lecturer in  Fashion Design, Accessory Design, Hat Design, and Computer Studio (Photoshop) at the International School of Fashion Design. She graduated from the Cracow  School of  Art and Fashion Design, and the Department of Fashion Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. She specializes in designing women’s clothing. For more than 20 years she has continuously worked for clothing companies designing comprehensive collections, fabric prints, and accessories. She is enthusiastic of computer techniques in fashion design, and computerization in the apparel industry. Knowledge of the production process, and market are major assets in working with apparel companies. She organizes photo shoots, prepares catalogs,  designs clothing labels, and advertising prints for trade fairs. She is also involved in the construction of garments. She has worked for brands such as TUTTO, SU, ROYAL COLLECTION, METAFORA, FENOMENALE, POTIS AND VERSO, CLICK FASHION, DZIEDIC, LAMERS, EMMA. He also creates designer collections.

Margaret Larmuth, Swiss Trend Watcher

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Lecturer in Creative Technics, Branding, Innovation, and Fashion Inspiration at the International School of Fashion Design. He has many years of experience in various fields of art. She has worked and is working for many well-known companies, including: for such large companies as Michelgroup (Switzerland). She gained her extensive knowledge by studying at the Port Elizabeth Technikon (Textile and Weaving Arts), the University of South Africa (Art History and Conservation) and, the Höhere Fachschule für Farbgestaltung (Color and Material Design in Architecture). She also worked in Spain, the Netherlands, and Turkey, where she was involved in many projects. She supports creative ideas and conducts analyzes of new trends and market research. She participates in fashion fairs and industry events.

Magdalena Kęskiewicz, MA,  Fashion Designer

Kęskiewicz MagdalenaLecturer in Creative Structures, Sustainable Fashion, Fashion Styling, Contemporary Collections Analysis, Public Relations, Fashion Marketing, and Branding at the International School of Fashion Design.  She graduated from the Cracow  School of  Art and Fashion Design and holds a  Master’s in Journalism and Social Communication from Jagiellonian University. She designs collections, and participates in fashion shows including OFF Fashion Kielce, and Golden Thread. She also works as a stylist for photo shoots , she cooperates with fashion photographers, clothing companies, advertising agencies and show producers. She has published in Eks-Magazine, Miasto Kobiet,  Moda&Styl, Lounge Magazine, and Secret Lashes.

Anka Letycja Walicka, MA,  Fashion Designer

Lecturer in Fashion Design, Conceptual Design, and Shoe Design at the International School of Fashion Design.  She graduated from Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design and holds a Master’s in Environmental Protection. She completed an internship at Atelier Aśka in Paris and a course in textile design using thermal transfer at the University of the Arts London Central Saint Martins. She has won several prestigious awards at national and international competitions. She received the  Golden Thread Media Award and the Golden Thread Creators’ Award. In addition, she won the Grand Prize of the Council of High Tailors and the Media Council at the  Cracow Fashion Awards, second place at Off Fashion Kielce , the Grand Prize at the Art & Fashion Festival in Poznań,.She received the Grand Prize at the Fashion Culture competition in London, where she conquered designers from Central Saint Martins and New York Fashion Institute. Her N_HIL collection was named the best in the Habitus Baltija Competition. She works with shoe producers as a Shoe Designer.

Dr Marek Nieniewski, Jewellery Designer

Projektowanie biżuterii - warsztaty z dr Markiem Nieniewskim

Lecturer  in  Jewellery Design at the International School of Fashion Design. Graduate of the Faculty of Industrial Forms at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. He received his doctorate in 2001 from the Faculty of Graphics and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lódź. He participated in about 80 exhibitions in Poland and abroad:Feria Mundial de la Plata, Mexico, 1974, Polens Kunstlerischer Silberschmuck, Vienna, 1977, Contemporary Jewellery the Amerikas, Australia, Europe and Japan, Kyoto, 1984, Kunst aus Krakau, Cologne 1985, VII International Jewelry Exhibition, Jablonec, 1987, From asceticism to emotion – solo exhibition, Warsaw, Helsinki, 1994, Cloth Hall, ZPAP Gallery – solo exhibition, Cracow, 1999, From granny’s lace to…. – Stanko Gallery, Wroclaw, 2000, I merletti della regina Bona, Polish Institute individual exhibition, Rome, 2000. His works are in the Museum of Goldsmith Art in Kazimierz Dolny, the Copper Museum in Legnica and in private collections. He has won a number of awards and prizes for his artistic activities.

Katarzyna Zajączkowska-Fajto, MA, fashion designer

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Lecturer in clothing design at the International School of Fashion Design. A graduate of SAPU and the Upper Silesian University of Commerce (major: Marketing and Management). She teaches sustainable fashion at the International School of Fashion Design. He designs clothes for leading clothing brands in Poland such as MOHITO, HOUSE, RAVEL, and deals with the analysis of fashion trends, market tracking, fashion marketing and trends’ research. Author of the blog and podcast „Responsible Fashion”. In 2022, Katarzyna Zajączkowska published a book titled „Responsible Fashion”.

Anna Franczyk, MA,  Fashion Designer

Szkoła projektowania ubioru

Lecturer in the History of Fashion and Fashion Styling at the International School of Fashion Design. She graduated from the Cracow School of  Art and Fashion Design and holds a Master’s in histrory from Jagiellonian University. In her academic work, she focuses on the history of clothing, especially the relationship between fashion and art. She works as
lecturer for many cultural and scientific institutions including the National Museum in Cracow, the Scientific Circle of Art History at the Jagiellonian University, and the Malopolska Institute of Culture. As a costume designer, she designs costumes and creates styling for theatre, films, music videos and commercials. She is involved in historical reconstruction by creating replicas of old clothes. She won the competition for the reconstruction of Helena Modrzejewska’s dress, organized by the Wilanów Castle in Warsaw.

Fine Art Photographer Massa –  Michał Mąsior


Lecturer in Fashion Photography at the International School of Fashion Design. Fashion and advertising photographer graduated from the International Center of Photography in New York and other courses including Getty Images. He won Grand Press Photobook Of The Year in 2020 .He learned from the world’s top photographers including Bruce Gilden and Wojciech Plewinski. He was nominated for the Polish Fashion Oscars. He has worked with many magazines including Lounge Magazine, Miasto Kobiet, Si-Magazyn, Sinfonietta Cracovia, Capella Cracoviensis, Film Polska, 4F, Gena, Sizeer, Symbiosis, Krakbau, Bikershop, Gemini Park and many others. He maintains a blog where you can see his work –

Igor Kovacevic, MA, Fashion Designer, CLO3D Fashion Specialist

Igor Kovacevic
Lecturer at Online CLO3d and Blender Fashion Design Intensive Course 2024 at the International School of Fashion Design.  He works in Düsseldorf as a digital fashion designer and creative project manager with extensive experience in international projects in Europe, and Asia. He holds a BA in fashion and textile design from the Faculty of Textile Technology in Croatia and a Master’s in media and communication from the University of Malmö in Sweden. He has worked with AI for the fashion industry in a global work environment and does a lot of creative design work in standard 2D and 3D software, and generative AI.

Fine Art Photographer Rafał Idczak

Rafał Idczak
Lecturer in Corel at the International School of Fashion Design. Artist with a diploma in photography and artistic ceramics, dealing with visual arts in the broadest sense. Painter, graphic designer and photographer in his daily life. Graduate of Krakowskie Szkoły Artystyczne (Cracow School of art and Fashion Design) in the field of artistic photography – SKF School of Creative Photography.
He has worked as a photographer at events such as Cracow Fashion Week, art biennale (documentary photographer), reconstruction of the Battle of Grunwald (press photographer) and as a private photographer and set and set assistant commissioned by the Shannon group. He is the author of a mural commissioned by the organizers of the juggling festival „Koloryt” in 2017.
With painting being his greatest passion, to which he devotes most of his time, he develops artistically by seeking new solutions in classical arts. Continuous development in many fields of art makes him cooperate with many private collectors. In the field of painting, he has won prizes and awards such as:

  • I place in the IX National Competition „Compositions”, Elblag 2015, Category: Painting-youth -award in the field of painting at the Art
  • Review entitled: „Człowiek (Human)”, Poznań 2017 -award at the national painting review in Bielsko-Biała, 2017, for achievements in painting.
In addition to classical arts, he is also widely involved in computer graphics, including: retouching, vector design, video editing, 3D graphics or UI/UX design. He is proficient in Adobe creative suite on Mac and Windows systems.
He works in sculpture, drawing and often creates his own literary works. He is a freelance artist, taking on a wide range of challenges and projects, regardless of the theme or degree of difficulty in any given endeavor. He also devotes his time to teaching others in the fields of computer graphics, drawing, classical and digital photography, sculpture and painting. With his knowledge of English, he shares his acquired knowledge with students from different parts of the world.
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