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Collection by Pat Guzik on Cracow Fashion Week 2017

Cracow Fashion Week 2017 —guest collection by Pat Guzik

We ware waiting for this year edition of Cracow Fashion Week. Before the show we want to back to past and remind the guest collection from the last year. Check the photos of „Heaven is a place on Earth”  collection by Pat Guzik and meet our graduate and lecturer .

Cracow Fashion Awards — guest collecttions during the years

Cracow Fashion Awards gala is one of the most important event during the each Cracow Fashion Week. During which young designers choose by the experts presents their own diploma collection. All of the participants have a chance to get the special awards.

What is more, during this gala are presented the guest collections. Some of them are designed by international designer from different countries, some are designed by young, polish designers. One of them was Pat Guzik.

Collection „Heaven is a place on earth”

That was the first time when collection titled „Heaven is a place on Earth” were shown on runway in Poland. As it was said by designer she used an up cycling and reconstruction techniques. She was inspired by the trying of achieving perfection in life. The collection is also inspired by the condition of balance in the stagnation and emptiness and finding the own place on earth.

Photography by Wiesiek Stempak

In this collection were mixed different colors such the black, white, blue, violet and also the cobalt. What is more there were used unusual prints by Mateusz Kołek.

Pat Guzik – graduate and lecturer in SAPU

This collection won the „EcoChic design” competition during Hon Kong Fashion Week in 2016 year. It was one of the many success of the lecturer of SAPU Fashion Design School. Designs by Pat Guzik were also published in many magazines likes „Elle Polska”, „Wysokie Obcasy” and more.

Her diploma collection was titled „Over the rainbow”. Photos of this photo session you can find on our website.

If you want to know more about our lecturer and graduates and also about the possibility of learning in SAPU, check information on our website.

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