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Join our FB group INTERNATIONAL PHOTO & STYLE MEETUP! We organise open meetings in English for everyone interested in art, photography, style and fashion. Everyone is welcome!

If you are passionate about photography, style, interior design, and visual merchandising, and you’re looking to connect with like-minded individuals in Poland who share your interests, then this group is an ideal place for you.

Future events:

  • 26.10.2023 „How Inspirations boost creativity?” with Margaret Larmuth

The lecturer – Margaret Larmuth, Swiss artist, journalist and VM specialist

Margaret Larmuth is a Swiss specialist and lecturer at the Cracow Schools of Art and Fashion Design. She holds special lectures for students and has many years of experience in various fields of art. She has worked and continues to work for many well-known companies including such big companies like Michelgroup (Switzerland). Quality and innovation of products are extremely important to her.

Margaret Larmuth gained her extensive knowledge by studying at Port Elizabeth Technikon (Textile and Weaving Arts), the University of South Africa (Art History and Conservation) and the Höhere Fachschule für Farbgestaltung (Colour and Material Design in Architecture). This Swiss artist has also worked in Spain, the Netherlands and Turkey, where she has been involved in many projects. She supports creative ideas and is involved in conducting analyses on new trends and market research. She eagerly participates in trade fairs and industry events and was a special guest at the festival Zaprojektowani – Krakowskie Spotkania z Dizajnem. Cracow Design Days.

As an interior designer Margaret has a strong understanding of how interiors come together, from the architecture of a space, to furniture, colour palettes, and architectural material finishes. She has also created visual merchandising concepts for international fashion stores. In the field of fashion she is updated with new trends in society that are reflected by fashion. She gives workshops on image styling for a post-pandemic world and encourages innovation, confidence and creativity in her students.


Past events:

  • 12.10.2023 „How to take a better photo?” with Michał Mąsior
  • 28.10.2023 „First Step to Great Portfolio” with Magdalena Kęskiewicz


Designer: Bernadetta Perzanowska @__bernadetta__
Photographer: Eugene Zhyvchick, @truskawkinadziko
Styling: Bernadetta Perzanowska @__bernadetta__
Models: Justyna and Ada / Reklamex @agencja.reklamex

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