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INDYWIDUALNE | Diplomas of the School of Creative Photography - KSA

INDYWIDUALNE | Diplomas of the School of Creative Photography

In May, we started another edition of our „INDYWIDUALNE” exhibition series. We invite you to open vernissages where you will see diploma photos of this year’s graduates of the School of Creative Photography.

We are starting a great adventure combined with finding original places in the capital of Małopolska. Exhibitions take place in many parts of the city, are located in galleries, theaters, cafes and clubs. Viewing photos is connected with an urban adventure and discovering new spaces for art. In total, we will see about 40 exhibitions.

Pictures taken by graduates of the School of Creative Photography present a variety of topics and techniques – from classic, black and white photography, to experimental and staged photography, nudes, reportages, emulsions and chromate gum.

The works presented at the exhibitions are carefully selected by promoters, lecturers of the School of Creative Photography, artists and active photographers. Their work with young artists studying at the School of Creative Photography means that the photos have an artistic value and can surprise even the most demanding recipients.

Admission to all openings is free.

Organizers: School of Creative Photography, Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design

Partners:,,, Magazyn Exclusive, Genesis Gear, URBAN Photo Awards, Urban Photo Arena, FOTOPLUS, Moda w Polsce, The Spoiled Queen, TUBA

Below we present the program of this year’s INDIVIDUAL 2023 edition:


Julia Górecka
23.05, godz. 18:00
Miejsce: Hevre, ul. Beera Meiselsa 18, Kraków



Aneta Kościółek
24.05, godz. 19:00
Miejsce: Klub Alchemia, sala za szafą, ul. Estery 5, Kraków



Zuzanna Kudzia
26.05, godz. 17:00
Miejsce: Frania Cafe, ul. Stradomska 19, Kraków



Agnieszka Dobrzyniecka
26.05, godz. 19:00
Miejsce: ARTzona Ośrodka Kultury im. C. K. Norwida, Kraków



Magdalena Graczyk
1.06, godz. 18:00
Miejsce: KIKA – KinoKawiarnia, ul. Ignacego Krasickiego 18, Kraków



Ewelina Rydzewska
2.06, godz. 19:00
Miejsce: Błonia Bistro al. 3 Maja 55 (Błonia)



Jakub Piasecki
5.06, godz. 18:30
Miejsce: Centrum Kultury Podgórza, ul. Sokolskiej 13 w Krakowie



Zuzanna Surga
7.06, godz. 17:00
Miejsce: Artefakt Cafe ul. Dajwór 3, Kraków



Adrianna Byś
7.06, godz. 19:00
Miejsce: Scena Supernova, ul. Zyblikiewicza 12/3, Kraków





  • Creative and Commercial Photography in Europe (classes in English)
  • Our Photography Course is for aspiring photographers, regardless of their previous experience
  • No entry exams. No age limit
  • Learn from renowned photographers and international experts in various fields of photography and art. This system ensures that you are taught by a variety of individuals who offer different perspectives.
  • Get a certificate of an internship at Cracow Fashion Week

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