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TUBA – magazine published by Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design

Styczeń 6, 2018 |

When you are looking for inspiration, want to get more knowledge about the new trends in the different fields such as fashion design, photography, drama choreography, visual merchandising and interior design you have to read Tuba – magazine of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design.

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Pattern Making course in Cracow

Styczeń 1, 2018 |

The one part of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design is Pattern Making School. Which are the difference between SAPU — Fashion Design School and this one? What are the main topics during the classes, who are lecturers and what are the working possibilities after this kind of course? Read more in this article.

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Grudzień 30, 2017 |

Do you like dance? Have you ever dreamed about being a dancer, a dance teacher or professional choreographer? Read more about the one-year course organized in Cracow and check the learning possibilities in Choreography School, which is a part of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design. 

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Photography School SKF – learning possibilities in Polish and partly English

Grudzień 23, 2017 |

Photography is not only the kind of art, but also of  the knowledge. If we think about using a light, creating a special kind of space, and the retouch after the photos, we know that each photographer should have many different skills. Photography School SKF gives possibility to get a necessary knowledge and check the skills in practice. Read more about photography school SKF.

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Marzena Kolarz – laureate of Chromatic Awards 2017

Grudzień 22, 2017 |

In this year edition of Chromatic Awards 2017 we can find some Polish works. Marzena Kolarz laureate of Chromatic Awards is also a teacher in our photography school. Read more about competition and check works which won a prize and were honorable mentioned in two different categories.

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Maja Gołkiewicz – SAPU student on EcoMade Festival

Grudzień 17, 2017 |

Many times fashion can meet ecology. By using the natural materials or recycled things each designer can made collection more ecological. Maja Gołkiewicz – SAPU student on EcoMade Festival presented her collection in which were used botanical materials.

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SPOT Drama School in Cracow

Grudzień 16, 2017 |

Many people dreams about being actress. Before they start to play, they have to get a huge knowledge. Each good actress have to know many different things. They can learn it during the study in SPOT Drama School. Students are teached not only how to acting in the best way but also how to be well prepared to castings.

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Cracow Fashion Week – event organized by SAPU

Grudzień 10, 2017 |

Each year in Cracow is organized event dedicated to young designers and all people who love fashion. Cracow Fashion Week event organized by SAPU is not only about the  shows and competition for young designers. It is also an international happening which shows fashion in the context and gives opportunity to take part in workshops and lectures, exhibitions about  it.

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SAPU graduates on Virus festival – short report and photos

Grudzień 9, 2017 |

One more time graduates of our Fahion Design School — SAPU took part in the international event connected with fashion. This time SAPU graduates on Virus  festiwal presented their own collections. The event is the international modern art festival in Lithuania.

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Polish Talent Support – about the competition

Grudzień 3, 2017 |

Polish Talent Support is  the project dedicated to artist, who are living abroad Poland. Three different competitions like drama, fashion and photography are the chance to creative people to show their projects to the bigger audience. Read more about the unusual competition organised by Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design.

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