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Focus on fashion - about the exhibition and the latest edititions.

Focus on fashion — about the exhibition
  • On Luty 8, 2018

It is only the one month to start the Cracow Fashion Week – unusual event which is dedicated to all people who love fashion. And fashion is this kind of discipline which can be mixed with different fields. One of this is photography. Read about the idea of Focus on fashion — exhibition which took place during the two latest edition of Cracow Fashion Week.

Focus on fashion — the main idea of Exhibition

The idea of the event was simple – to show can be photographed the fashion and in which way can be presented by photographer. During the latest edition were presented both photos by well-known photographers, our talented graduates and also by international guests.

Focus on Fashion

Focus on Fashion – exhibition of Fashion Photography

The first edition of Focus on Fashion: Only One

To show the only one photo — that was the main idea of the first edition of exhibition of “Focus on Fashion”. During this one you could see the photos by well-known artist like:

  • Lidia Popiel
  • Jerzy Gaweł
  • Aldona Karczmarczyk
  • Borys Makary
  • Jacek Ura
  • Marzena Kolarz
  • Agnieszka Wojtuń
  • Weronika Kosińska
  • Szymon Brodziak
  • Michał Mąsior
  • Agata Mayer

What is more, there were also presented photos by the graduate of Photography School called SKF. During exhibition were shown the works by Bastek Czernek, Emil Kołodziej, Jacek Szopik, Ewa Kępys, Aleksandra Modrzejewska, Rafał Woźniak, Dawid H. Groński, Małgorzata Brylla, Joanna Zawiślan – Siuda, Edyta Potrząsaj, Ewa Bilan-Stoch.

Some photos from the opening of the exibition you can find on our blog.

Focus on Fashion — edition 2017

The latest edition of the Focus on Fashion were organised with the cooperation with the Belgrad Photo Month and also with help of Lucia Benicka, head of Gallery of Spiš Artists in Spišská Nová Ves.
During this edition were also presented photos by the SKF graduates like:
Edyta Potrząsaj Photography, Bastek Czernek Photography, Dariusz Baraniok Photographer, Aleksandra Modrzejewska, Joanna Gałuszka, Dawid H. Groński, Michał Massa Mąsior.

What is more, the laureates of Polish Talent Support could also have shown their work. In exhibition took part: Iga Drobisz, Katarzyna Mochowa, Grzegorz Litwin. In this edition took part also the international guests like: Petra Bosanska, Welin Nagyova, Gioconda Rafanelli, August Kaciuruba, Elizabeth Privalova, Ivan Tsupka, Mina Šarenac, Jovana Ricalo.

Check the catalogue from the exhibition.

Do you want to know if also during this edition of Cracow Fashion Week will be organised the exhibition of fashion photography? Check the event website –

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