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School of Visual Merchandising - KSA

School of Visual Merchandising

The years of experience and the huge knowledge about different fields. From designing the shop space, by the knowledge about the clients and their psychology.  That are the things which should know each Visual Merchandisign specialist. By learning in Visual Merchandising School our students get possibility to have this knowledge.

Visual Merchandising School idea

As it was said by one of the lecturer—Monika Harłacz, each Visual Merchandiser should have a huge knowledge and to be a very creative person. Visual Merchandising is not only about creating the windows but to create a space which will be attractive for clients and will present a brand in the best way.


The educational program in Visual Merchandising School is consulted with many specialist, who are working in this fields. Each student had too learn many different things. From the psychology of consuments, and marketing by using graphic programs to design interiors.

During the education students learn:

– Stylization

– Presentation techniques

– 3DsMax, Photoshop, Corel

– Interior Design

– Sales space and windows design

Many of the classes are not only lectures but mostly workshops. It is the best way to learn for Visual Merchandisers.

Career perspective

Graduates of Visual Merchandising School can work in many different companies. Firstly they are well prepared to be a visual merchandising specialist in any shop, not only connected with fashion. Secondly their have a knowledge about stylization, so they can work in fashion magazines and during he fashion photo sessions.

School of Visual Merchandising is also one of the main organisers of Zaproejktowani. Cracow Design Days.

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