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Publications of SAPU student - Magdalena Wilk-Dryło - KSA

Publications of SAPU student – Magdalena Wilk-Dryło

One more time designs by our student — Magdalena Wilk- Dryło are published in fashion magazines. Now on the cover of „Surreal Mag.” Read more about the photos and also about  the  another successes and publications by our talented student.

Cover session for “Surreal Mag.”

Design by our student were published in the latest, November issue of Cover Mag.

Style: Katarzyna Sokołowska

Photo: Anna Zyskowska

Model: Mariana/ Rebel Models

Muah: Aleksandra Lewandowska

Designers: Magdalena Wilk- Dryło, Gosia Strojek

Fashion World Magazine

Designs by Magdalena Wilk-Dryło were published also in many different issues, like „Fashion World Magazine”. She also works many times with different fashion designers, especially with Wioletta Podsiadlik who is also the student of Fashion Design SAPU School.

Their collaborative design were presented during the Romanian Culture days. It was the amazing dress which was inspired by historical costumes. Photos from this event you can find here.

Photographer — Maciej Grochala

Model – MMB

Makeup Artist – Karolina Mech

Dresses – Natasha Pavluchenko

Headpiece – Magdalena Wilk Dryło

Assistant – Zbyszek Dolny

Designs of Magdalena Wilk-Dryło and Wioletta Podsiadlik were also published in „Elegant Magazine”.

Photographer: Rado Ledwożyw

Mua: Paulina Bielec

Model: Weronika Binkowska / FUKU Models

Magdalena Wilk – Dryło and Marzena Kolarz

She also cooperates with Marzena Kolarz —  photographer and also lecturer in the Photography School in Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design. The photo session you can find below.

Photography: Marzena Kolarz

Mua: Anna Okuniewska

Model: Agata

Stylization: Magdalena Wilk- Dryło

In cooperation with Aneta Bochnak she prepared amazing photography session which were done in Czarna Sędziszowska in Podkarpackie.

Models: Aleksandra Paśko & Weronika Leska

Mua: Paulina Pęcak – Żmuda

Magdalena Wilk Dryło also took part in the project titled: Carpathian Art of Fashion. It was the competition dedicated to young designers.

Photography: Michał Łazarów (on commission for a company

Models: Wiktoria Krzepkowska,

Mua: Justyna Kusz,

Hairdresser: Katarzyna Złamaniec,

Hairdresser assintant: Justyna Urbanik,

Designer: Magdalena Wilk-Dryło

Stylization: Sofi Socha

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