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Pattern Making Course in Cracow Schol of Art and Fashion Design

Pattern Making course in Cracow
  • On Styczeń 1, 2018

The one part of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design is Pattern Making School. Which are the difference between SAPU — Fashion Design School and this one? What are the main topics during the classes, who are lecturers and what are the working possibilities after this kind of course? Read more in this article.

Pattern Making School — the basic information

konstrukcja i technologia szkola projektowania mody sapu

If you want to join this course you have to have basic knowledge in the pattern making field. If you do not know it well you can also take part in special holiday classes organized during the summer. The course last one and half year. All the classes take place on weekends. Each student can learn the pattern making from basics. During the classes they will focus on the construction, presentations techniques and also sewing. What is more it is a great opportunity to get to know better graphic design programs and also to take part in workshops and to cooperate with people from fashion companies. The teachers in pattern making school are fashion designers, tailors and also people who worked in the different fields of fashion.

Work possibilities

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There are many differences between Pattern Making and SAPU School. In the second one you will learn also things like sketching, showing collection, fashion photography, stylization and more. You can read more about learning to fashion design on our website.
As it was said, in the pattern making School you will focus especially on making a construction and how to use it in practice work. After this school you can work in many fashion companies which need people who are really good pattern maker. What is more in this school students can also learn how to prepare accessories such the bags.

If you are interested in join, the course starts at February.

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