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Choreography school - the one-year course in Cracow


Do you like dance? Have you ever dreamed about being a dancer, a dance teacher or professional choreographer? Read more about the one-year course organized in Cracow and check the learning possibilities in Choreography School, which is a part of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design. 

Choreography School — the one-year course

There are many things to learn during the one year in choreography school. A group of about 15 students get possibility to learn from professional dancers and choreographers. Each person, especially the graduates of dance and choreography school can join in and check their dancing skills. During the one year of learning it is about 360 hours during which each student can learn and take part in professional workshops. School cooperate with Accademia Erodanza 2000 from Italy.


Photography from classes.

All students learn both modern dances and classic ones. They learn also dancing and the history and trends in dance. What is more they can practice teaching kids and also learn how to prepare choreography of fashion shows.

The possibility of work after the education

Learning in choreography school gives a plenty possibilities of work. Firstly, as a dancing teacher with many groups of students — from the youngest to older one, secondly as a professional dancer during the culture events.
All of the students are well-prepared to shows. During their education they can take part in many different events organized by Cracow School of Art and FashionDesign such a fashion shows, like the Cracow Fashion Week. The end of education is also an occasion to show their skills. The diploma show is an occasion to meet people who are really interesting in cooperation with young choreographers.

Video from diploma shows in choreography school you can find on the offcial YouTube account of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design.

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