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No waste fashion show during Cracow Fashion Week

Focus on ecology – No waste fashion show by Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design Students
  • On Kwiecień 6, 2018

The main theme of this edition of Cracow fashion Week was the fashion and ecology. During this event Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design not only cooperate with different organizations focusing on this aspects of designer works but also encourage people to use their creativity and design something ecological. The important part of the whole Cracow Fashion Week was No waste fashion show during which students of the fashion design faculties in KSA show their own recycling projects.

No waste fashion show – the new collection designd by fashion design students

That was not the first edition of this unusual show. We mentioned about this idea of event on our blog before. If you want to read more, check the latest post connected with this topic.

This edition took place on March 18th in the  Novotel Krakow City West Hotel. The whole collection was designed by young students of fashion faculty called SAPU. Their had to focus on the ecological aspects of fashion design and also use the recycled materials. The whole project was tutored by Anna Niemczyk and Pat Guzik – two lectures from Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design.

Phots by Paulina Ząbek / Photography faculty called SKF

No waste workshops

During Cracow Fashion Week also took place the workshops titled „No waste”. They were tutored by Pat Guzik – artist, designer and also the winner of Hong Kong Fashion Week. About this you can read more on our blog. Photos from this event you can also find on our website.

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