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Editorial "Endless Hope" | A KALTBLUT MAGAZINE - KSA

Editorial „Endless Hope” | A KALTBLUT MAGAZINE

Projects by Mateusz Gurgul, Klaudia Klimas and Magdalena Wilk-Dryło, our talented graduates in KALTBLUT MAGAZINE!

Photography by Adrianna Soltys / / Instagram:
Model is Tife signed at SPP Models / Instagram: @only_tife
Style by Piotr Teczynski / Instagram @tyczi
Makeup by Magda Zemowska / Instagram @magda_zemowska
Locations are Pierwszy Stopień / @pierwszystopien
And Niebo w Gębie / Instagram @niebo_w_gebie_hawaii

Brands are Krystian Szymczak, Magdalena Nowak, Mateusz Gurgul, Mariola Kołtun, Pola
Zag, Jak Król, Le Szapo Hat Szop, Pavillion Vintage Classics, Klaudia Klimas, Punca
Studio, Nikola Fedak, Filip Kozak, Magdalena Wilk-Dryło



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More about our graduates:


„Nexpressible” by Mateusz Gurgul. A collection inspired by the works of Zdzisław Beksiński and the atmosphere of the forest at dusk. Unconventional combination of materials. Accessories made by the author.


Kolekcja dyplomowa Mateusza Gurgula – „NEXPRESSIBLE”


„Aryston” by Klaudia Klimas. This composition Aryston was inspired by Russian musical boxes. A symbiosis of color, music, and emotions.

Aryston, Klaudia Klimas, SAPU, kolekcja dyplomowa


Klaudia Klimas i Mateusz Gurgul w Vigour Magazine!


Designer Magdalena Wilk-Dryło. This is another success of our graduate! She has published many publications (Fashion World Magazine, Surreal Mag, Dreamingless Magazine, Jute Magazine) and cooperation with well-known photographers, designers and agencies, incl. with Marzena Kolarz, Aneta Bochnak, Photoholizm. She took part in the Polish-Slovak Carpathian Art of Fashion project.


Publication in DESIGN SCENE STYLE: Magdalena Wilk-Dryło




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