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Photography School SKF - learning photography in Cracow

Photography School SKF – learning possibilities in Polish and partly English

Photography is not only the kind of art, but also of  the knowledge. If we think about using a light, creating a special kind of space, and the retouch after the photos, we know that each photographer should have many different skills. Photography School SKF gives possibility to get a necessary knowledge and check the skills in practice. Read more about photography school SKF.

Photography School SKF – learning possibilities

Photography School SKF is the school in Cracow. From 2004 until today gives students a plenty of possibilities of learning new skills. Special prepared classrooms and professional teachers take care on the young photographers. There are two different possibilities of learning. Firstly in Polish Language, secondly in partly English.

The diploma of Photography Artist

After the two years of education graduates get diploma with title of the Photography Artist. Many graduates of Artistic school choose the photography school SKF as a postgraduate studies. What is more, all graduates can continue to learn and get the BA, Ma or PhD degree. SKF is in friendship contacts with the University of Creative Arts in Great Britain.

Skills, knowledge, classes in photography school SKF

There are many different classes which the students can concentrate during the years of learning. Firstly, they can learn a different aspects of photography. Food and fashion photography are the good examples of this. You can see a short movie from photography lessons.

What is also important students have possibility to work with the models and to try their skills during the different events. Photography School SKF is a part of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design which is a main organizer of Cracow Fashion Week, Zaprojektowani and Polish Talent Support.

The students also learn things which are basic for each photographer. Composition and using the graphic software is also a part of education in photography school. There are also organized special courses which are dedicated to special skills – for example, interior photography or the wedding photography.


Do you want to get to know the school better? Check Instagram and Facebook. On our website you can also find our students work.

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