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Zaprojektowani - design fairs in Cracow. - KSA

Zaprojektowani – design fairs in Cracow.

Design fairs, competition, workshops and lectures with many specialist not only from Poland but also from abroad. During this edition of „Zaprojektowani. Cracow Design Days” people could have take part in all of this activities.

The fairs  took place at Sunday 26th of November. That was the great event dedicated to all people who are really in design.

There were organized many activities. Firstly, people could take part in special consultations with architecture specialist. Secondly, there were activities dedicated to the youngest participants. They could have taken part in special Christmas workshops. During them they could have prepared own decorations.

The exhibitors were designers from Poland also the whole Europe. There were  jewelry designers, people who use wood and fur in their design. There were also many manufacturers, family business and young, talented people who started their own projects. What is more, also people who love plants could buy their own forest in the jar. There were also things dedicated to people who designs they own interior. They could talk with floor and paint producers. If someone was looking for gift that was the best opportunity to buy something unusual.

Photography by Anna Zborowska.

That was the third edition of „Zaprojektowani. Cracow Design Days”.


Partners: City of Krakow

Strategis partners: DULUX, MAX FLIZ, Flügger farby

Content Partners: International Culture Centre, Forum Designu, VIRTUS, Brand Concept Store, Małopolski Instytut Kultury

Media Partners: TVP 3 KRAKÓW, RADIO KRAKÓW, Dziennik Polski, lounge magazyn,, KARNET, EXAMPLE.PL, Paka, TUBA, Czas na wnętrze, Krakowski Rynek Nieruchomości,

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