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This Saturday - free fashion workshops in Galeria Kazimierz

The free fashion workshops during Cracow Fashion Week

This Saturday (17th March) you can take part in the free fashion workshops which takes place in the Galeria Kazimierz. The workshops start on 13:30. During them you can personalize your t-shirt, jeans and also create the own jewelry. Read more and join the creative workshops.

13.30-15.00 Workshops of designing recycled jewelry

If you want to create own, unique jewelry, try to use the things like paper, plastic, materials and your own, old and destroyed piece of jewelry. During the fashion workshops you can create something unique and dedicated only for you.

warsztaty w Galerii Kazimierz

15.05-16.30 Workshops of T-shirt personalization

T-shirt can be not only a basic thing in your wardrobe but also a little piece of art. During the workshops you not only decorate it by using the different materials and colors, but also change the form of this.

16.35-18.00 Workshop of jeans personalization

That is the one of the most basic and classic ones things in all wardrobes. If you want to change your jeans and make them more trendy and individual, take the pieces of jewelery, badges, and try to embroidery. We see on Saturday next to the ZARA shop.

If you want to take part in workshops, please contact with us on e-mail

All the workshops are free to join. Please take with yourself the clothes which you want to change, some materials which you want to use and needle and threads.

Dont forget that you can also take part in the final gala of Cracow Fashion Week and see the best collections by students from Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design. Gala takes place at 6pm in the Galeria Kazimierz.

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