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Polish Talent Support 2018 - fashion, photography, drama competition

Polish Talent Support –  edition 2018

Are you the artist of Polish Origin? Nowadays you live abroad Poland? Do you want to learn drama, fashion design or photography? Polish Talent Support 2018 is a competition dedicated to people who want to show their talent to the general public. Read more about this edition.

Polish Talent Support 2018 the idea of competition

The main idea of Polish Talent Support competition is to promote talented Poles who live abroad. The first edition of this unusual project was in the 2016 year. There are three fields of this competition: drama, photography, fashion design. In each of them the first prize is annual scholarship at  Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design. What is more, all winners can get the new possibilities to present their work during the Cracow Fashion Week or on exhibition.

Drama competition – Polish Talent Supoort 2018

If you want to take part in Drama Competition you have to prepare a short, 3 minutes program. Jury will check the best one. The first prize is a possibility to learn in Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design Drama Faculty in Polish language. 

Polish Talent Support 2018

Polish Talent Support 2018

Fashion Design Competition

If you want to join this competition you have to design 3-4 silhouettes. Jury will check the best ones. The first prize is not only possibility of learn Fashion Design in Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design, but also taking part in Cracow Fashion Week. During this event the first and second prize winners can present the silhouettes at catwalk. Their designs will be also published in Social Media connected with the event. 

Photography Competition

You have to prepared cycle 3 of photographs if you want to join this competition. The winner of the first prize get possibility to learn photography in Polish or English language and also to show  2/3 of  photographs at the Museum of Municipal Engineering in Krakow during Cracow Fashion Week 2019. What is more, the photos will be published in TUBA magazine. 

If you want to take part in this competition you have to fill in special form, and prepare your work until the 10th of April. More information you can find on the official website of Polish Talent Support 2018.

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