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Cracow Fashion Awards 2018 - first information about the event

Cracow Fashion Awards 2018 — first information

Cracow Fashion Week is the annual event dedicated to all people interested in fashion and connected with fashion business. Workshops, fashion shows and lectures take place in Cracow. Read the first information about the date of event and the main fashion show which is Cracow Fashion Awards 2018.

Cracow Fashion Award 2018 – the most important information

This year Cracow Fashion Awards 2018 takes place on 10th  March. The event will be the official beginning of Cracow Fashion Week. During this time we will see the diploma show of SAPU graduates.  The idea is to show their different designs and inspiration. There is no main topic to all designers – students have to do their own work. The best collections will be choosen by jury. Young designers will be judged by designers, critics and journalists and other people who works in fashion business.

Videos from the previuos edtions of Cracow Fashion Awards you can find on YouTube.

Cracow Fashion Awards 2018 – the idea of competition

During each edition there are different categories and different prizes. Designers for example get possibility to take part in internship in fashion companies, possibility to show their own collection during the another fashion shows.

Cracow Fashion Week 2018

If you want to know better jury from the latest edition check the Cracow Fashion Week website.

Cracow Fashion Week 2018

More information about the whole Cracow Fashion Week will be published soon. You can find them not only on our blog, but also on the official website of Cracow Fashion Week and fanpage. Do you want to take part in this event? If you want to get professional experience and check how is organized this event you can join our team as a volunteer. Yup have to only send your application (CV) to:

We will also inform you about the other fashion shows, lectures and workshops during the whole week of Cracow Fashion Week 2018.

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