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Warsztaty fotograficzne z inSomnia Photography - KSA

Krakowskie Szkoły Artystyczne podjęły współpracę z inSomnia Photography

Już we wrześniu siedzie Szkoły odbędą się warsztaty fotograficzne w języku angielskim.

Topic: story telling in photography using a model

During the course of the workshop there will be a class with examples using known photographers of the past and also current ones, and practical work, and at the end the work will be published as a book.

Date: 22nd, 23rd September

Price: 70€ (workshop) + 10€ (book – optional)

*for KSA students the price of the workshop is 60€

The workshop will be leaded byt insomnia photography leader and founder „Nathanael Coetzee”

Nathanaël Coetzee, is a photography graduate from the academy of Paris. He has studied cinematography and photography both of which he got a degree. He learned portrait photography in the Harcourt school, and had a few stints in fashion photography before turning completly to curating and printing books.He took to teaching classes in university on the subject of space, composition, history of photography and founded in 2017 the inSomnia collective, undergoing several projects with the members.Nathanaël is a strong believer of the printed medium and has made a dozen books as well as helped produced even more, lately he has curated, layed out portfolios and helped photographers build and create their own projects.These last months he has been heading many more publications with photographers all around the world.



Saturday 22nd:

– 10am – 12am: Presentation of the workshop as well as explanation on how to work connecting model with environment

– 12am – 1pm: Trial photo session

– 1pm – 2pm: Lunch break

– 2pm – 3pm: Challenge photo session (each will get a challenge from a lecturer)

– 3pm – 7pm: Working with a model / one task with one difficulty / group challenges

Sunday 23rd:

– 10am – 12am: Review of a shots, explanation of how to connect shots and how to layout them in a series

– 12am – 1pm: Lunch break

– 1pm – 6pm: Work with a model / work connecting shots and providing a sense of cohesion

In the end all the participants will finish with a PDF file and books will be send soon after that (optional).

Only 10 people can take part in the workshop!

Records and information: insomniacollective/



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