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SKF, Creative Photography School career perspectives - KSA

SKF, Creative Photography School career perspectives

School of Creative Photography (faculty of the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design) is the on the leading edge of the new wave in how Photography is taught. While the most of programs have lectures about the history of art at their core, School of Creative Photography focuses more on learning through practice rather than through constant lecture.

With darkrooms and digital studios always available to students, and free of charge, School of Creative Photography seems to live by the motto of “Practice makes perfect.” Also contributing to this “new school” method, there is a connection between the School of Creative Photography and other art schools e.g.: Fashion, Visual Merchandising, Interior Design, Choregraphy, Drama. Program also allows photography students access to models from the Model Agency Reklamex. Located in Cracow’s historic and bustling city center, the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design is a display of modernity in art. See what are the career perspectives after School of Creative Photography.


Study photography in Creative Photography School! Our graduates have a lot of career perspectives!

Creative Photography School career perspectives:

  • You can work as a wedding photographer and prepare a professional wedding and wedding reception sessions
  • You can work in many companies and prepare lookbooks for them including a variety of stylisations
  • You can prepare product photographs for different shops and companies
  • You can prepare reportages from many city events e.g. festivals, exhibitions
  • You can collaborate with companies and prepare reportages from company internal and external events
  • You can work with food or instagramers and help them with preparing food photography
  • You can work with restaurants and prepare a portfolio or food photography for them
  • You can make a portrait sessions for models and individual people
  • You can photograph wide range of landscapes for tourist bureaus and magazines
  • You can use a gum print technique which allows you to prepare photos which look like paintings
  • You can do an architecture photography for architectural companies and magazines
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