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The fifth edition of Polish Talent Support - RESULTS - KSA

The fifth edition of Polish Talent Support – RESULTS

On July 10, we got to know the winners of the fifth edition of our Polish Talent Support competition. Check who we awarded this year!

The Polish Talent Support competition is over! We would like to thank all participants for their interest and partners for media and information support!

We received many applications that came to us from different parts of the world, incl. from Canada, Belarus, Lithuania, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Greece and Great Britain.

This year, the Photography category was the most popular.




I. Iryna Barsukova (Belarus)

II. Agata Bartusevic (Lithuania)

Dominika Legenza Dimopoulou (Greece), Ewa Nagórzańska (Netherlands), Daria Lutfullina (Russia), Vitaliy Popov (Ukraine), Julia Marczuk (Belarus), Georgii Larionov (Russia)




I. Katarzyna Król-Dusza (Canada)

II. Katie Wood (Great Britain)

Julia Żuromska (Belarus), Wiktorija Majkovich (Kazakhstan)



Interior Design:

I. Georgii Larionov (Russia)

II. Daria Lutfullina (Russia)




I. Valentina Markevic (Lithuania)




POLISH TALENT SUPPORT is a competition for young  Polish people living abroad and interested in studying art. The main awards in the competition are  one year long scholarships in fashion design, photography, interior design, choreography and acting.

Thanks to this initiative, we want to enable young people living abroad education in Krakow – the cultural capital of Poland. For many, it will be an opportunity to improve their command of Polish language and to make friends.

People whose knowledge of Polish is very weak can also decide to study in English in international groups: Fashion College and School of Creative Photography and take advantage of our Polish language course, which is conducted during the first year of study.

In this way, we want to create a platform for exchanging of valuable experiences with representatives of Polonia from different countries.

Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design (KSA) is an educational institution with 30 years of history, which can boast of numerous  international successes . For 9 years, KSA has been organizing Cracow Fashion Week ,one of the largest events on the fashion map of Poland as well  we are the organizer of The Cracow Design Days- Zaprojektowani.Both events aime at promoting students and graduates of KSA.
More information about Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design at


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