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One day art academy - KSA

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Recycling jewelry workshops

Are you person carring of ecology and environment? During this workshops you will have an opportunity to make standing jewelry using waste materials. The purpose of the workshop is promoting responsible fashion and pro-ecological attitude . We will take a closer look at fabrics scraps, unconventional materials and battered elements of jewelry. Then we put our heads together to find out how we can remake them. Everybody will create his/her own project. Materials and fabrics will be provided, participants can bring with theirselves old jewelry and any material if they have some idea already.

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Metal jewelry workshops

If you want to have a unique piece of jewelry made by yourself join this course. Only three hours are enough to produce an amazing work. Jewelry making is inspiring and satisfying art and you can show your creativity. With a slightly support, you will learn to make luxurious pieces of jewelry. Workshop is suitable for beginners and for those who have some experience but still would like to improve their skills. The class will be held in a professional jewelry workshop. Fully equipped will all necessary tools and materials ( working with metal).

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Redresing workshop– redesign and personalise your T-shirt

The workshop is inspired by ecological fashion. Creative remakes, changing functions or using renewable materials it is only a part of tricks which you learn. Participants will learn about the latest trends and will remake T-shirt or jeans. The workshop stimulates creativity and encourages new attitude to fashion.

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Portrait photography workshops

If you want to learn the secrets of making a good portrait, you have to join this workshop!
During this course you will work with a model and make-up artist. Professional portrait photographer will instruct you how to create stunning images worthy of beauty publications and campaigns. This workshops are designed to teach you everything you need to know to take professional-quality portraits. Lecturer will explain the nuances of lighting and posing, how to shoot in studio or on location. Throughout the course, you will complete a series of photo projects.

Participants: No age limit, Duration: 3 hours, 17:00 – 20:00, Price: 150 PLN,
Check the dates: 23.05.2019, 13.06.2019, 30.05.2019 – in Russian 

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Fashion photography workshops

If you have a passion for fashion photography, this workshop is for you. This class introduces participants to the basics of fashion photography. We provide a professional model and a make-up artist. Each participant will have the opportunity to spend time with his or her individually. You will learn creative lighting techniques, visual composition and perspective. We will help you find your own personal style and will leave you with stunning new portfolio images.

Participants: No age limit, Duration: 3 hours, 17:00 – 20:00, Price: 150 PLN
Check the dates: 16.05.2019, 21.06.2019


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Painting workshops

Do you like painting? This course is just for you! The lecturer will teach you how to use basic painting techniques and mix colors. You will be able to develop your creativity and sense of aesthetics. You will spend a few hours in professional painting workshop in front of the easel and with a brush in your hand.

Participants: No age limit, Duration: 3 hours, 17:00 – 20:00, Price:150 PLN,
Larger groups have to make a special appointment,
Check the dates: soon

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Street photography

Street photography is all about the moment, if you ever wondered how to get nice pictures while in the street, then join this workshop.
This course is meant to teach you to look at the world with a different eye, help you capture the moment, and get stories out of your shots. In a society where one can easily get overwhelmed, there are always stories to tell, visions to share and art to create. Street photography is all about observing, taking your time and capturing life. During this workshop you will be accompanied by a professional photographer, who through a series of challenges will help you develop a keen eye, but also teach you to produce artistic images using various techniques. Whether it’s shadows, silhouettes, reflections the street is a playground with which you can experiment and showcase your own personal vision.

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