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Street photography - workshops - KSA

Street photography

Street photography is all about the moment, if you ever wondered how to get nice pictures while in the street, then join this workshop.
This course is meant to teach you to look at the world with a different eye, help you capture the moment, and get stories out of your shots. In a society where one can easily get overwhelmed, there are always stories to tell, visions to share and art to create. Street photography is all about observing, taking your time and capturing life. During this workshop you will be accompanied by a professional photographer, who through a series of challenges will help you develop a keen eye, but also teach you to produce artistic images using various techniques. Whether it’s shadows, silhouettes, reflections the street is a playground with which you can experiment and showcase your own personal vision.

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Participants: no age limit

Duration: 3 hours, 17:00-20:00

Price: 150 PLN

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Chceck the available dates:

9.06.2019, 6.06.2019

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