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Learning possibilities in SPOT Drama school in Cracow

Many people dreams about being actress. Before they start to play, they have to get a huge knowledge. Each good actress have to know many different things. They can learn it during the study in SPOT Drama School. Students are teached not only how to acting in the best way but also how to be well prepared to castings.

Learning and getting experience in SPOT Drama School

When you want to be an actress you have to choose one of a few possible ways. Firstly you can learn in the Drama Academy and get degree and pass special exam. The different way is to act during the two years and passing the exam. But it can be hard to get this experience if someone has never learn acting before. By learning in SPOT Drama School it is possible to mix both of these possibilities. During the years of learning students get also a necessary experience which is really important. What is more their are well prepared to pass the exam.

Szkoła aktorska SPOT spektale

Some photos from SPOT Drama School Prah, fot. Martyna Szulakiewicz

What you can learn in SPOT Drama School?

In SPOT Drama School you can learn many different things. Not only by focusing on theoretical aspects but also by training. The classes in Drama School are for egzample: monologs, prose, diction, poem, English language. What is more students take part in dance and fencing classes.

Classes are dedicated to people who know Polish very well. If you want to know more about the classes, check the information on our website.

Diploma show

The end of learning is a possibility to take part in diploma show. During which each student can take part in a three different shows—drama, dance and sing It is amazing possibility not only to check the knowledge but also to take part in the first important show.

Part of diploma show. The different videos from school you can find on special list on the official Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design YouTube profile.

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