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Not me - the best collection on Cracow Fashion Awards

„Not me” – the best collection of the year on Cracow Fashion Awards.

Cracow Fashion Awards is the annual event during which graduates of SAPU – Fashion Faculty in Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design show ttheir diploma collections. This edition took place one more time in ICE Congress Center in Cracow. The winner are Barbara and Katarina Bylevskaya. The best collection of the year on Cracow Fashion Awards is titled „Not me”.

The fashion ask about the influence of plastic surgery on the identity.

The inspiration for the young designers from Bialorus were the plastic surgery. They told that the this field of the medicine destroys the meaning of identity. The twins Bylevskaya used in their work not only the actual trends, but also the deconstruction.

Photography by Anna Zborowska

Cracow Fashion Awards – the other prized collections

The media council also choose the best collection of the year. This special prize won Katarzyna Dworecka for her collection titled „Sunny Side Up”. The inspiration for her was a childhood and the dreams of child. She told that when we started to being an adult we also have to care about our childish naivety and trust. She used in her collection the special kind of print and also the „shibori” method of work with material. She was also awarded by the High Fashion Council.

Photo: Marzena Kolarz

Cracow Fashion Awards was the opening of Cracow Fashion Week. International event mainly organized by Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design in cooperation with The City of Krakow and plenty of important culture and business institutions. The lists of the all partners you can find on our website.

The members of the both councils were specialist not only from Poland but also from abroad. More about them and some photos from the Gala you can find on the Cracow Fashion Week website.

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