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Marcellous L. Jones on Cracow Fashion Week - meet the jury of 9th edition

Marcellous L. Jones will be the guest of Cracow Fashion Week.

During each edition of Cracow Fashion Week are chosen the best diploma collections. A few different councils, which members are experts in the different fields connected with fashion business are the jury to young fashion designers. This year, Marcellous L. Jones on Cracow Fashion Week will be the member of one of them. Get to know better well known critic and the owner of

Marcellous L. Jones on Cracow Fashion Week

Marcellous L. Jones is well-known fashion critic from Paris. He own his online magazine called and also Fashion Insider TV. During his career he interviews the well-known designers, among the others: Kenzo, Versace, Canali, Karl Lagerfeld, Sergio Rossi, Christian Lacroix, Vivienne Westwood.

Marcellous L. Jones

He works not only as a journalist and critic of fashion but also as an advisor n the fields of fashion and communication. His work is also connected with the promotion of men’ fashion. During the 9th edition of Cracow Fashion Week he will be the part of High Fashion Council.

Marcellous L. Jones

In the 2012 year he was awarded with Patrica Gussi and Ewa Minge by the Amicus Humanitarian Award.

Jury during the Cracow Fashion Week

In each council are the experts in the different fields connected with fashion. Because of their expierience and knowledge they can choose the best collections during the annual diploma fashion show.

More about people who are experts in our council you can read on the official website of Cracow Fashion Week. The main theme of this year edition is fashion and ecology. If you want to get more information visit our blog.

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