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laureates fashion show in Galeria Kazimierz - short report

Laureates show in Galeria Kazimierz – Cracow Fashion Week

The final of the Cracow Fashion Week was another fashion show in which were presented designs chosen during the Cracow Fashion Week Gala. The last fashion show took place in the Galeria Kazimierz – shopping mall which was the partner of Cracow Fashion Week. Read more about the laureates fashion show in Galeria Kazimierz.

Workshops in Galeria Kazimierz

The whole event which took place in Galeria Kazimierz had started earlier than the fashion show. All people could have taken part in the workshops focusing on the recycling and changing old clothes and jewelry into new ones. During them all the participants can not only learn creative methods of recycling but also get a brand-new clothes to this season.

Laureates fashion show in Galeria Kazimierz – photos

As you can see below during the laureate show in Galeria Kazimierz all visitors could have seen different collections which were chosen as the best one during the Cracow Fashion Awards competition. More about the idea of this competition you can read on our blog. You will find in this article also the more information about the best collection of the year.

Look at the photos from the vent which took place on March 17th in shopping mall called Galeria Kazimierz. It is unusual space for fashion show and the collections were presented in the different, interesting context. In the jury during this event were well-known blogers: – Renata Kaczoruk,, Cammy.

During this event was also the dance show by the Choreography students. The sort report from this event you can see in this video.
Look at the photos below.

Photos by Danilevsky  / Szkoła Kreatywnej Fotografii

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