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Interior Design School - KSA

Interior Design School

Huge knowledge about creating useful space, using colors in interiors and about designing—that are the most important skills which every interior designers needs during his work. The School of Interior Design is a place where many young talented people can learn it.

School of Interior Design

This school is a part of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design. From more than ten years it is the best place to learn how to design interiors. It is not only educational place, but also a main organiser of many courses and events.


Lecturers in SWP

People who teach people in this school are well educated specialist in the differnt fields. Firstly deigners can learn to draw and also how to use graphic programs to create an interiors. What is more there are learning about the composition, creating space and also creating the own designers portfolio. Lecturers are also people who are really in design. Each year they take part in the most important international events connected with design.


Short movie from classes in Interior Design School.

Zaprojektowani. Cracow Design Days.

The school of Interior Design is also a main organiser of „Zaprojektowani. Cracow Design Days”. It is an event during which many people can take part in interesting workshops, lectures and also in design fairs. It is the best possibility to meet people who are working in polish brands, and to get know better their designs.


Learning possibilities

If you are good Polish speaker you can join the school. If you are not you have to check also the courses and try to find the most interesting ones. Also during this edition of „Zaprojektowani. Cracow Design Days” will take place an discussioon panel in English. Read more here.

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