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Photography course one day - KSA

Photography, literally « to paint with light  ».

What is photography without light we might ask  ? Because without light there is no picture, there is no shape, there is nothing…
In collaboration with the Cracow school of Art and Fashion Design, Nathanaël Coetzee, teacher and photographer will animate an art portrait workshop at the school’s studio, ul.10 Jana Dekerta, dates soon
Nathanaël, is a french photographer from the academy of Paris, where he took on studies at studio Harcourt. A studio very well renowned for their black and white art portraits in a cinematic style.
During the workshop, Nathanaël will teach each participant how to make art portraits in black and white, using light, contrast and shape to achieve a cinematic effect.
Each participant will be introduced to the usage of light boxes and diffusers in the studio.
The workshop will be mainly practical, rather than theoretical, participants are invited to shoot, under guidance in order to understand and achieve the best results possible.

For this exercise, two models will be available offering a variety of options and at the end, Nathanaël will offer a special session where he will photograph each person individually and provide them with their own personal black and white portrait.
Each shot made on location will remain the property of their maker.
The shots taken on location will be curated and feature in an online magazine which will be shared on various social network platforms.
The workshop is open to everyone, beginners, enthusiasts, professionals.
All you need is a camera, a willingness to learn and take risks.
Harcourt founded in Paris in the 30’s by Cosette Harcourt became an institution thanks to its minimal lighting and style reminiscent of early black and white cinema.
Through the years the studio has seen numerous celebrities (Cate Blanchett, John Malkovich, Monica Bellucci…) pass through it and often makes portfolio portraits of actors and persons of interest.

Reservation  :
Limit  : 10 people
Price  : 100pln
Time  : 4H



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