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Haute Couture Sewing Course - KSA

Haute Couture Sewing Techniques


390 PLN – 4 days

The number of places is limited. The order of payment determines the acceptance.

Each participant receives a diploma of completion of the course.


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Place: Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design, ul. Zamoyskiego 52 Kraków,

professional workshop.

This course is an introduction to haute couture sewing methods and finishing techniques. During the course the students will learn and practice essential hand fastenings, stitching techniques, including tucking, smocking, seam variations, hem finishes, handmade button holes.
Target Public:
Beginners or professionals with a desire to access the specific knowledge of Couture Sewing Techniques

Topics covered in this course include:

Understanding and using appropriate couture tools and supplies;
Learning essential points about basting and marking the pattern points on the fabric (e.g. Transfer dart positions from pattern to fabric, using notches, etc.)
Short Guide to selecting and using linings, interlinings, luxury fabrics and trims in your sewing projects:
Practicing main hand stitches (as herringbone stitch, back stitch, diagonal stitch, blind hem stitch, blind catchstitch, blanket stitch, buttonhole stitch, fell stitch, etc.)
Finishing French seam, couture dart, various treatments of hems, tucks, tailored button and buttonhole, bias binding techniques
Introduction to decorative stitching techniques (smocking, chain stitch, cross stitch, etc.)
Students will be expected to practice their hand-stitching at their own time after class, so please allow time to do this.

Please bring the following materials/equipment to the first class:
Hand sewing needles
Threads: 1 Silk, 1 Cotton, 1 Linen, 1 Polyester
Fine steel Pins
Buttons – various sizes from small to large
1 Pair of Fabric Shears
1 Pair of Paper Scissors
Small sharp pointed scissors
Metric Tape Measure
Hand sewing gauge
Seam Ripper
Tailor Chalk
Ballpoint pen
Pencil, eraser and sharpener
Fabric: 0,5 meter of cotton plain-woven calico

Registration for the course by email: More information: 12 656 17 26.

  • In the title of the email, enter the title and selected date of the course, in the mail – name, surname and contact number.
  • In message back you receive account number.


If you pay for the course and then resigne, the school charges a handling fee of 15% of the amount.

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